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    Competition visor helmet with aramid fiber reinforcement. The Charly NO LIMIT competition...

    Competition visor helmet with aramid fiber reinforcement.

    The Charly NO LIMIT competition helmet with clear visor and chin guard offers maximum safety at minimum air resistance. High-grade materials and an elaborate manufacturing process provide for constant quality, maximum safety and a long life expectancy.

    Overview of the Charly NO LIMIT's most important features

    • Aramid fiber reinforced outer shell, manufactured in a vacuum high-pressure moulding process, that surpasses even carbon fiber helmets in terms of impact strength and perforation resistance.
    • Premium look: The Charly NO LIMIT features a scratch-resistant enameled multi-layer coating. The helmet shell's material and finishing make the Charly NO LIMIT virtually resistant to age.
    • The visor integrated in the helmet contour reduces air drag measurably. The extra wide panoramic view is important for safety. There is enough room for eye glasses under the visor.
    • The clear polycarbonate visor mounted on the helmet is break-proof and equipped with an anti-reflex, anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. As it offers 100% UV protection, it can replace otherwise required sunglasses. The VISOR clear can easily be replaced by a (separately available) VISOR brown toned or dark grey toned.
    • The chin guard causes virtually no blind spots. With the visor flipped up, it is possible to converse with someone despite the chin guard.
    • Aerodynamically clean without tail: The Charly NO LIMIT enables an unobstructed upward view and avoids neck injuries.
    • The full textile interior lining in 5 fixed sizes offers maximum wearing comfort. The breathable padding is skin-friendly and antibacterial. Also the comfortable ear pads and the well-padded internal chin strap contribute to the wearing comfort.

    Weight: 650 g + visor 114 g
    Sizes (head circumference in cm): S (55/56), M (57/58), L (59/60), XL (61/62), XXL (63)

    Please note: Charly NO LIMIT is also available without visor.

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