Charly INSIDER soft, air sports helmet

Charly INSIDER soft, air sports helmet
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    With silky and smooth matte rubber finish. Charly INSIDER soft with silky and smooth matte...

    With silky and smooth matte rubber finish.

    Charly INSIDER soft with silky and smooth matte rubber finish is scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent. Its high safety standards and good value vor money make the Charly INSIDER, certified according to the air sports helmet standard CE EN 966, the most popular air sports helmet worldwide. The helmet is also well suited for kite buggying.
    The Charly INSIDER offers full protection without significantly obstructing the field of view. Moreover, the chin guard is designed in such a way that conversation before and after flight is easily possible. The helmet edges are curved inward, thus contributing to a larger field of view and reduced air drag.
    The Charly INSIDER's multi-layer enamel surface is wear-resistant and recoatable!

    Overview of the Charly INSIDER's most important features

    • Thanks to vacuum high-pressure die casting, the aramid fiber reinforced outer shell is weight-optimized and can be manufactured in constant quality; the choice of material and production process ensures optimum strength and durability.
    • The Charly INSIDER causes minimum wind noise that does not interfere with the VOX operation of a radio set; as hearing is only marginally affected by the helmet, airspeed estimation is still possible.
    • Pressure-free padding around the ears, suitable for the installation of a headset; the wide, well cushioned internal chin strap contributes to the wearing comfort.
    • Unbeatable fit and a pleasant climate inside the helmet thanks to the skin-friendly full textile lining in 4 fixed sizes (S-XL).
    • Aerodynamically clean without a long tail: The Charly INSIDER permits an unrestricted upward view and avoids neck injuries.

    Weight: 650 g
    Sizes (head circumference in cm): S (55-56), M (57-58), L (59-60), XL (61-62)

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