Finsterwalder QUICK-SAFE control bar wheel for hang gliders

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    Control bar wheels for hang gliding. Who can rule out the possibility of a tail wind landing...

    Control bar wheels for hang gliding.

    Who can rule out the possibility of a tail wind landing during changing conditions?
    Now that light-weight, aerodynamic wheels, which meet the needs of differing groups of pilots, are on the market, there’s no reason to do without them except arrogance. A good pilot has no need to take unnecessary risks for reasons of prestige.

    The Finsterwalder QUICK-SAFE are unbelievably lightweight, aerodynamic, and robust pull-apart control bar wheels, which have proven their worth now for years. Their smooth elliptical shape causes no noteworthy air resistance, a characteristic that makes them very popular also with competition pilots.

    It should be clear that even the best control bar wheel (especially if it is not pneumatic) will not survive every crash intact. However, Finsterwalder QUICK-SAFE wheels help to keep the damage as small as possible. They are robust enough for normal landings on the wheels. In situations where similar wheels break and the control bar is bent, the snappers of the Finsterwalder QUICK-SAFE open, preserving wheels and base tube from destruction.

    Overview of the Finsterwalder QUICK-SAFE's most important features 

    • Can be attached to the rigged glider within a few seconds; problems with putting down on steep rigging sites therefore do not exist.
    • Are made of tough and strong polyamide (nylon) and weigh only 270 g by measurements of 180 x 70 mm.
    • Are available for control bars of different diamaters and, additionally, in a version with a diameter of 35 mm for use with a VG cord channel
    • Guarantee: We replace broken wheel halves

    Please note: For use with a glider with VG, please do not forget to order a Finsterwalder QUICK-SAFE for VG cord channel as well as an ADAPTER SLEEVE with VG cord channel!

    Price per piece

    Pay attention to the attached operating instructions and choose the right hub diameter! Crash resistance is only warranted if there is no more than 1.5 mm play between wheel hub and control bar.