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    Undrilled upright with rubber edge. Finsterwalder AEROSAFE PROFILED uprights are used by...

    Undrilled upright with rubber edge.

    Finsterwalder AEROSAFE PROFILED uprights are used by renowned hang glider manufacturers in Italy, France, Great Britain, the USA and Australia, and are thus available worldwide. The most common injuries during hanggliding are arm fractures that happen when the pilot hits against the A-frame in a crash landing. Finsterwalder AEROSAFE PROFILED uprights have a cushioned rear edge and are only 1.5 times stiffer in longitudinal than in transverse direction. This way, they slow down the pilot smoothly while their hard and tough alloy is deformed strongly (weight only 520 g/m).

    Another important safety factor of the AEROSAFE's rubber edge is the fact that it improves glider control considerably during take-off. The uprights are easier to hold, they rest comfortably at the shoulders and enable a safe grip even when wearing gloves. At the latest when you try to spit in your hands through your integral helmet, you will wish for Finsterwalder AEROSAFE PROFILED uprights! If your glider is not equipped with Finsterwalder AEROSAFE PROFILED uprights already, it can in most cases be upgraded to the reasonably priced AEROSAFE uprights using adapter fittings.

    Length: 53.5 mm
    Width: 26 mm
    Inner diameter: 22 mm

    Please note: We cut uprights to the desired length and deliver them undrilled (customized tubes are non-returnable).

    D Pat.No. 3309455, US Pat.No. 4871132, F Pat.No. 8612950, CH Pat.No. 66560, A Pat.No. 385251

    Extra reinforcement tube.

    The AEROSAFE reinforcement tube system allows for customized upright stability. The tubes can be adapted to different pilots and upright lengths in such a way, that optimum crash safety is provided (installed reinforcement tubes are non-returnable).

    Length reinforcement tube: 125 cm (other lengths are avaiable - please contact us)

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