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    Lightweight harness. KRUYER III is an ultra-light mountaineering harness by Kortel Design....

    Lightweight harness.

    KRUYER III is an ultra-light mountaineering harness by Kortel Design. Compared to KRUYER II, it has been completely redesigned and now features a brand new 3D-geometry. This technology offers a unique comfort for a lightweight harness. With the Kruyer III, a rescue system can now be attached to the shoulder straps. Thanks to the exclusive "Konnekt" system of the Kolibri PRO (X-Alps), the leg straps can be opened to get in at a difficult launch site.

    Overview of the Kortel KRUYER III's most important features

    • Dyneema rope system
    • Leg straps can be opened
    • Rescue system suspension on the shoulder straps
    • Adjustable chest strap
    • Can be combined with Kortel SAK III (reversible backback with airbag) for improved comfort and handling of the harness
    • Ready for use with a speed system
    • Incl. softlinks (12 g)

    Size: S 155-168cm,  M 168-180cm ,  L 189-192cm,  XL 192-205cm
    Weight: 350g (S), 375g (M), 395g (L), 420g (XL)
    Scope of delivery: 2 pcs. Softlinks
    Accessories: SAK III, Cockpit for frontcontainer, Speedsystem light
    Certification: EN 1651 & 12491, LTF in combination with Sak III

    Please note: The backpack SAK III and a front container are not included in the delivery of the harness.

    We are happy to help you find a compatible rescue system for this product. If you want to use your existing rescue system, a compatibility test must be carried out. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

    Please note: We only ship KORTEL DESIGN products to Germany and Austria. If you wish shipping to another country, please contact the manufacturer directly. Thank you very much!

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