Kortel CRASHBOX - module 2 for KUIK II

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    Airbag with Crashbox Module The Kortel CRASHBOX is module 2 for the Kortel KUIK II harness....

    Airbag with Crashbox Module

    The Kortel CRASHBOX is module 2 for the Kortel KUIK II harness. This module turns your KUIK II into the equivalent of a KARMA II without the seat board. It uses the same Crashbox system, a permanent airbag pre-inflated by a foam structure for effective back protection straight out of the bag.

    • The airbag is of a large volume (thus providing effective protection) all the way up the back
    • Reserve parachute pocket under the thighs
    • Lateral reinforcements to prevent wear by the accelerator chord
    • Foot stirrup equipped with quick release system in case of reserve parachute deployment

    Weight: 1.75 kg (S/M), 1.85 kg (M/L)

    We are happy to help you find a compatible rescue system for this product. If you want to use your existing rescue system, a compatibility test must be carried out. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

    Please note: We only ship KORTEL DESIGN products to Germany and Austria. If you wish shipping to another country, please contact the manufacturer directly. Thank you very much!

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