Kortel AIRBAG with reversible backpack - module 1 for KUIK II

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    Airbag with reversible backpack. The Kortel AIRBAG with reversible backpack is module 1...

    Airbag with reversible backpack.

    The Kortel AIRBAG with reversible backpack is module 1 for the KUIK II harness. This module adapts your KUIK II for hiking use. The reserve parachute should be front mounted (attachment at shoulder level possible). The backpack comes with a custom compression bag which gives the folded paraglider a suitable shape. The compression bag combined with the backpack mode of the module provide a level of comfort and efficiency close to that of a true mountain rucksack. In airbag mode the module becomes a veritable back protector covering the entire surface of the harness with maximum depth. The top flap of the backpack becomes an internal storage pocket which allows you to store all your things without interfering with the correct functioning of the airbag and the inflation of the upper compartment in particular.

    Weight: 1.95 kg

    We are happy to help you find a compatible rescue system for this product. If you want to use your existing rescue system, a compatibility test must be carried out. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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