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    Electrically heated, thin glove. The Charly LI-ION FIRE is an electrically heated, thin glove...

    Electrically heated, thin glove.

    The Charly LI-ION FIRE is an electrically heated, thin glove that can be worn as a glove liner with mittens or used stand-alone. The Charly LI-ION FIRE fits like a second skin and is the ideal glove liner when the "normal" glove is no longer warm enough. The extra-soft, highly breathable fabric, equipped with Windblocker Softshell on the back of the hand, provides an additional layer of insulation for extra warmth. In extreme cold, the battery-powered heating can be switched on. The Charly LI-ION FIRE can also be worn solo during the transition period or on less cold days and is then ideal for winter walks or jogging. For hang gliding and paragliding, the Charly LI-ION FIRE is used in conjunction with handfairings. Flight instruments with buttons or touchscreens can be easily operated through the glove.

    Sizes (hand circumference in cm at finger base without thumb):

    • S = 18,0 - 21,0 cm
    • M = 20,5 - 22,0 cm
    • L = 21,5 - 23,5 cm
    • XL = 22,5 - 24,5 cm
    • XXL = 24,0 - 26,0 cm

    If you are unsure between two sizes, we recommend the larger size.

    The most important features of the Charly LI-ION FIRE BASIC at a glance

    • Tight yet particularly comfortable fit, thanks to soft and supple materials
    • Windblocker softshell insulation at the back of the hand
    • Neoprene cuff for comfortable padding of the batteries
    • Precise operation of flight instruments with buttons or touchscreen through the glove
    • Can be flexibly used year-round stand-alone or as a glove liner
    • Incl. battery charger and practical cloth bag for storage

    Charly's innovative heating system

    In particularly frosty temperatures, Charly's high-tech battery-powered heating can be switched on. It takes into account the body's reaction in very cold conditions to lead the blood away from the extremities to the inside of the body, where it supplies the vital organs. Therefore, it is crucial for warm hands that the heat is passed over the fingers, because only then can the whole hand be heated. Unlike foil-based systems, which due to their low flexibility are only applied to the back of the hand and back of the fingers, the flexible textile heating wires of the Charly gloves are guided laterally along the fingers and over the fingertips.
    This protected positioning between the fingers also has the further advantage of minimizing heat loss to the outside. The glove heats noticeably warmer and longer.

    The battery technology

    The flat Charly double batteries (7,4 V / 2.000 mAh / 14,8 Wh) can be conveniently stored in the two zipped pockets on either the top or bottom of the wrist. This way, 2 double batteries per glove can be used without loss of comfort.
    The gloves are delivered with one battery pair per side, but can be retrofitted with the separately available spare batteries (order number HM1930) at any time. The heat output is independent of the number of batteries and is convincing in any case. The difference is only in the heating time, which is already with one battery per glove perfectly sufficient for everyday use.
    At the push of a button, the temperature can be regulated in three heating levels, indicated by red, blue or green LEDs integrated in the switch. The additional charge level indicator reminds you to switch to a lower level in time to adjust the battery performance to the desired amount of use.

    Heating levelRedBlueGreen
    2 batteries 1 h 45 min 2 h 30 min 5 h 00 min
    4 batteries 3 h 30 min 5 h 00 min 10 h 00 min

    Features of all Charly Li-Ion heated gloves

    • Important for paragliding: No line tangles thanks to long cuff with internal drawstring
    • Conductive leather on index finger and thumb for the operation of smartphones and other devices with touchscreen
    • Replacement batteries can be purchased separately (order number HM1930)
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