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    Flat inner container for paragliding harnesses. The Charly FLAT INNER CONTAINER is the further...

    Flat inner container for paragliding harnesses.

    The Charly FLAT INNER CONTAINER is the further development of the Tom Grabner pocket container, designed for harnesses with an integrated container compartment. A new feature is the slotted canopy compartment, which releases the canopy completely as soon as the lines are stretched, even with low airflow and varying pack pressures.
    The separate canopy compartment of Charly's FLAT INNER CONTAINER ensures that the canopy is only released when the lines are stretched, which reduces the risk of the reserve becoming entangled in the glider, especially when deploying in SAT-like rotations.

    Deployment tests on the G-Force trainer have shown that the first third of the container requires the most energy to pull out, as the inner container often gets caught in the container compartment during this first phase of the deployment. The very flat and in the front area conical shape of the Charly FLAT INNER CONTAINER with its small cross-section can be pulled out of the reserve compartment in the harness much better and with less effort than a cubic universal container - even if the latter has a significantly smaller volume. Thanks to its centered triangular pull tab, the Charly FLAT INNER CONTAINER slides out of the harness even if the deployment handle is intuitively pulled upwards instead of outwards.
    Inside the Charly FLAT INNER CONTAINER, the canopy is optimally protected from dirt and accidental release of the lines is reliably prevented. The 3 mm diameter fabric-protected rubbers can be easily replaced as they age and offer more protection than conventional rubbers, which have been the cause of accidental deployments in the past.
    The Charly FLAT INNER CONTAINER is available in four sizes to suit most reserve volumes.

    • Size S (41,5 g), suitable for DIAMONDcross/TARGETcross ST light 100, DIAMONDcrossTARGETcross basic light 100, Charly Expert 100
    • Size M (43,0 g), suitable for DIAMONDcross/TARGETcross ST light 125, DIAMONDcross/TARGETcross basic light 125, Charly SECOND CHANCE 86, Charly SECOND CHANCE 94, Charly Expert 120, Charly Revolution GS 1
    • Size L (46,5 g), suitable for DIAMONDcross TARGETcross ST light 160, DIAMONDcross/TARGETcross basic light 160, Charly SECOND CHANCE 118, Charly Revolution GS 2
    • Size XL (50,0 g), suitable for DIAMONDcross/TARGETcross ST light 220, DIAMONDcross/TARGETcross basic light 220