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    Advanced lightweight, reversible paragliding harness.  We developed the Charly GLOBE at...

    Advanced lightweight, reversible paragliding harness. 

    We developed the Charly GLOBE at the same time as our successful reversible harness Charly ONE. While minimalism was the major focus of the latter, we conducted an extensive market analysis and defined new safety and equipment features to make the GLOBE an advanced harness. In addition to its advantageous geometry, full equipment, lightweight design and many more features, Charly presents the inflate system protector (C.I.S.).

    Overview of the Charly GLOBE's most important features

    • Double Charly inflate system (C.I.S.) for increased pilot safety - tested according to the new certification norm; an asymmetric arrangement of the bilateral valve system provides for quick inflation in all seating positions, integrated flaps ensure optimal inside pressure and excellent shock absorption performance even when the system is only semi-inflated.
    • Perfect seating comfort and support in all pilot positions and ample adjustment possibilities
    • Integrated rescue container, individually adaptable to the different pack sizes of all current systems
    • Built-in technical mountaineer and traveler packpack, suitable for all common paraglider sizes
    • Perfect balance between minimalism, low weight and carrying comfort
    • Ample adjustment and compression possibilities
    • Easily accessible outer pockets
    • Attachments for telescopic poles
    • Removable hip belt

    Weight: from 4.2 kg
    Sizes: M (up to 1.75 m), L (from 1.75 m)
    Scope of delivery: Charly GLOBE with carabiner

    We are happy to help you find a compatible rescue system for this product. If you want to use your existing rescue system, a compatibility test must be carried out. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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