Kortel KUIK II basic harness incl. carabiners

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    Multifunctional harness in modular design. The only things that the Kortel KUIK II has in...

    Multifunctional harness in modular design.

    The only things that the Kortel KUIK II has in common with the first KUIK are its name and its innovative nature. At the time the KUIK I was the first split leg harness that was not made exclusively for mountain flying. The KUIK II is the first split leg harness that comes close to traditional harnesses in terms of feel and comfort. Moreover its modular design makes it accessible to all.
    The Kortel KUIK II comes in the form of a bare core to which different modules can be attached, thus adapting the harness to the type of flight required. For maximum flexibility the KUIK II is designed to allow a reserve parachute to be attached to the shoulders. The KUIK II concept is almost an entire range of harnesses in one. The core structure incorporates the latest innovations made by the Kortel Design R&D team in terms of ergonomics and shaping of raw materiels.

    The result is astonishing:

    • The distribution of the pilot's mass over the largest possible surface area even in a thermalling position (laterally inclined) for maximum comfort
    • A natural leg position, not too open
    • Simple to adjust
    • Leg independence limited
    • Precise handling coupled with comfort worthy of the best harnesses
    • Modules tailored to uses that go well beyond the possibilities of the KUIK I

    Size and weight Kuik II basic harness:

    • S: 154-168 cm (1500 gr.)
    • M: 167-183 cm (1650 gr.)
    • L: 182-195 cm (1800 gr.)

    Delivery with:

    • Foot stirrup
    • Two step speedsystem
    • Kortel Karabiner

    We are happy to help you find a compatible rescue system for this product. If you want to use your existing rescue system, a compatibility test must be carried out. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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