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    Training harness with integrated rescue system in the airbag. The Kortel KOOL is a basic...

    Training harness with integrated rescue system in the airbag.

    The Kortel KOOL is a basic intermediate and groundhandling harness. It combines passive safety, comfort and longevity. Its with foam pre-filled airbag and the innovative storage bag in the front part of the seating surface protect the pilot already in the starting phase. The handle of the rescue system, integrated in the airbag at the back, can be easily deployed through the variable positioning from every single position. Besides, an additional protection of the deployment handle is possible for groundhandling or the training hill. The different-coloured leg-straps simplify the usage and the various adjustment options are also good available during the flight. A very robust truck-canvas-cover protects the Kortel KOOL on the bottom and can be mounted easily and fast with the help of velcro.

    • Spacious, pre-filled airbag with foam
    • Rescue system integrated on the backside of the airbag
    • Adjustable rescue handle with safety option
    • Little storage on the upper side
    • Robust and replaceable coloured valance
    • Radio-bag integrated in the shoulder strap
    • Easy adjustment options

    Certification: EN, LTF
    Weight: 3.4 kg (XS), 3.5 kg (S), 3.7 kg (M), 4.0 kg (L)
    Sizes: XS (up to 1.62 m), S (up to 1.71 m), M (up to 1.85 m), L (up to 1.90 m)

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