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    Cockpit and normal camera bag: 2 in 1. The Kortel COCKPIT PHOTO is a well thought through...

    Cockpit and normal camera bag: 2 in 1.

    The Kortel COCKPIT PHOTO is a well thought through cockpit, that can also be used on the ground where it transforms into a normal camera bag. It offers ideal protection for your photo equipment. The clou, however, is the possibility to additionally use it on the ground as a practical photo backpack! The content can then be accessed by swinging the bag from the back to the chest. While in the air, everything is accessible from the top of the bag, a second, lateral opening is available when used as a traditional camera bag. Thanks to two magnets, this "side entrance" opens and closes easily while you shoot and it can be closed afterwards with a zipper for safe transport.

    Overview of the Kortel COCKPIT PHOTO's most important features

    • The subdivided interior holds an SLR body and two lenses; additionally, it provides enough space for flight instruments such as vario etc.
    • Individual adjustment to the respective equipemt by means of flexible Velcro® pads
    • A special belt can additionaly be tightened over the camera - helpful for example during turbulence.
    • Inner zipper pockets for memory cards, etc.
    • Handle and special shoulder strap for more freedom of movement while shooting
    • The straps for the use as a normal camera bag tucked under the cockpit during flight
    • Reinforced fabric on the bottom

    Weight: 850 g
    Colour: black

    Pictured instruments not included in delivery.

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