Charly NO LIMIT JET without visor

HHe300J - Charly NO LIMIT JET without visor, white
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    High class helmet with an unobstructed downward view. The Charly NO LIMIT JET is a paragliding...

    High class helmet with an unobstructed downward view.

    The Charly NO LIMIT JET is a paragliding helmet without chin guard allowing an unobstructed downward view. Optional visors are available in our shop.

    Overview of the Charly NO LIMIT JET's most important features

    • Premium Quality at a moderate price. The aramid fiber reinforced outer shell is manufactured in a vacuum high-pressure moulding process with a heated metal mould and thus offers the highest possible breaking strength at minimum weight. Aramid fiber surpasses carbon fiber in terms of impact resistance.
    • Premium look: The Charly NO LIMIT JET  features a scratch-resistant enameled multi-layer coating. The helmet shell's material and finishing make the No Limit Jet virtually resistant to age.
    • Aerodynamically clean without tail: The Charly NO LIMIT JET enables an unobstructed upward view and avoids neck injuries.
    • The full textile interior lining in 5 fixed sizes offers maximum wearing comfort. The breathable padding is skin-friendly and antibacterial. Also the comfortable ear pads and the well-padded internal chin strap contribute to the wearing comfort.
    • An optional polycarbonate visor reduces air drag considerably and can be ordered additionally. There is enough room for eye glasses under the helmet and the optional visor.

    Weight: 620 g
    Sizes (head circumference in cm): S (55/56), M (57/58), L (59/60), XL (61/62), XXL (63)

    Please note: Optional visors and the Charly NO LIMIT JET with visor are available in our shop.

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