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    Flight and navigation instrument. The Naviter all-in-one vario OUDIE 5 PRO for the ambitious...

    Flight and navigation instrument.

    The Naviter all-in-one vario OUDIE 5 PRO for the ambitious competition and XC-pilot. In a single instrument, the OUDIE 5 PRO combines everything a demanding paraglider or hang glider pilot could wish for. It is easy to use and works right out of the box. With integrated Fanet+ & Flarm it allows you to share the sky with your friends and enjoy the safety of being seen by others.

    OUDIE 5 is delivered with the latest version of the SeeYou Mobile software. Vector maps for the whole world (topo and ground elevation data, cities, rivers, lakes, roads, etc.) are pre-installed. Airspace files for much of the world are also pre-installed.

    The OUDIE 5 is a development of the Slovenian company Naviter, which has been setting standards for years with XC-flight planning and analysis software. The instrument is a further development of the well-known OUDIE system, which is widely recognised in the international gliding and competition scene. One of the outstanding features of this software is the fully customisable user interface. Users can easily and individually adapt the display elements as well as their arrangement on the screen or via PC to their wishes. This allows each pilot to configure his or her personal desired device, which displays only the data he or she needs and hides all others. All this is done on a sunlight-readable, high-resolution 5-inch colour display with touch screen for maximum user-friendliness with minimum space requirements. The 2D display of the flight area with display of the flight route enables an optimal assessment of the terrain shape even in unknown areas. The FAI Triangle Wizard helps OLC pilots achieve peak performance and the easy-to-update airspace display optimises flight planning..

    Overview of the Naviter OUDIE 5's most important features

    • Gyroscope supported vario
    • Sunlight readable 5" colour display
    • Fanet+ allows you to see other pilots on the unit even if there is no direct line of sight to them, altitude and climb rate are also shown on the display
    • Flarm to be seen by glider pilots and General Aviation
    • Worldwide vector maps pre-installed
    • Airspace structures with warning levels
    • Wind assistant: reliable wind information is provided after the first 180° turn
    • 12 hours battery autonomy
    • Precise air pressure sensor for vario and altimeter
    • GPS module aviation quality
    • FAI triangle assistant
    • Task planning
    • Thermal assistant
    • Flight optimisation for OLC
    • Touch screen operable with gloves
    • Bluetooth communication
    • MicroSDHC card slot
    • USB port (can also be used for battery charging)

    Dimensions: 135 x 86 x 25 mm
    Weight: 135 x 86 x 25 mm

    Scope of delivery

    • Oudie 5 XC with SeeYou Mobile navigation software
    • Transport box
    • Universal charger
    • Car charger
    • USB data cable
    • Velcro strap for easy mounting
    • Getting Started Manual
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