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    Perfect variometer for beginners and occasional pilots. The Flytec ELEMENT ALTO is a...

    Perfect variometer for beginners and occasional pilots.

    The Flytec ELEMENT ALTO is a variometer which is easy to operate for beginners and leisure pilots. All essential functions are available. The ELEMENT ALTO is very robust with its solid housing in the proven Flytec-Design. Due to the simplified internal Naviter electronics it works reliably and offers the usual Flytec quality in variometer and sound.

    Overview of the Flytec ELEMENT ALTOS's most important features

    • Robust, shockproof ABS housing
    • Reliable and proven high-sensitivity vario
    • Comfortable and clear vario tone
    • High-contrast monochrome LCD
    • Keyboard with clearly detectable, glove-friendly keys
    • Logbook
    • Customizable vario tone frequency, sensitivity, audio mode, climb-tone
    • Vario profiles, for different flying types (weak / normal / strong thermals, soaring, ballooning)
    • Altimeter showing MSL (ALT1)
    • Altimeter showing Relative / Flight level / meters or feet (ALT2)
    • Custom relative altimeter which can be reset with a press of a button (ALT3)
    • Graphical instant and average climb indicator
    • Numeric average vario indication
    • Flight time and Local time permanently on display
    • Selectable units for Altitude, Vario, Time, Pressure, Temperature
    • Optional additional near-thermal tone
    • Optional tone when a key is pressed
    • English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish user interface
    • Battery life ~250 h from two AA batteries

    Dimensions: 138 x 72 x 24 mm
    Weight: 122 g (without batteries)
    Operating time: approx. 250 h
    Operating temperature: - 10°C - 60°C

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