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    Variometer with GPS for paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving. Despite its small dimensions,...

    Variometer with GPS for paragliding, hang gliding and skydiving.

    Despite its small dimensions, the Flytec ELEMENT TRACK variometer is equipped with a high-performance GPS receiver and thereby sets new standards in its price class. The Flytec ELEMENT TRACK is perfectly adapted to the needs of paraglider and hang glider pilots and features an amazingly simple operator guidance. The ground speed, that is extremely important for paraglider pilots, is precisely determined by the high-speed 48 channel GPS receiver. Flight data is stored in IGC format and allows an easy flight submission at the OLC or the graphical route display on Google Earth via the included FlyChart software. Competition pilots appreciate the Flytec ELEMENT TRACK as an ideal back-up device

    The combination of GPS and an extremely wide digital vario display range of +/- 100 m/s makes the Flytec ELEMENT TRACK interesting also for skydivers!

    The functional range of the Flytec ELEMENT TRACK can constantly be extended via free updates.

    Overview of the Flytec ELEMENT TRACK's most important features

    • Display of all flight-relevant information on a high-contrast LCD - no permanent mode switching required
    • Latest generation high-speed GPS receiver: 48 channels, 1 sec. update rate, compass rose, position info, ground speed
    • Altimeter with air pressure indication, absolute, relative and differential altitude
    • New, high-precision digital vario with variable response times and excellent filtering thanks to the new Smartfilter technology
    • IGC formatted max./min. flight data storage and barograph for up to 50 flights; 120 hrs. overall flight data storage, dependent on selected scan rate
    • PC flight analysis via the included FlyChart software
    • Thermometer
    • Speed indicator connection for optional vane sensor (PG or HG)
    • More than 40 operating hours with one battery set, several years standby with permanently visible clock (operation with AA or NiMH batteries)
    • Continuous monitoring and display of battery voltage
    • Free software updates via the Internet

    Dimensions: 138 x 74 x 23 mm
    Weight: 178 g (incl. batteries, withount mount)
    Scope of delivery: Flytec ELEMENT TRACK, incl. 2 AA batteries, protective bag, USB cable and manual.

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